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I am a technology specialist at VMLY&R, currently developing microservices and iOS apps on the Sherwin-Williams mobility team. With my ability to pick up a new language as needed by being determined (and asking excellent questions), I truly prove the value a code chameleon can bring to a team. I am endlessly interested in having conversations about architectural strategies and other programming concepts. I believe that pair programming is an essential part of building an amazing code base and make it a point to bug my teammates to pair as often as I can.

I graduated from LaunchCode (a Kansas City based boot camp) in March 2019, and landed my dream job at VMLY&R shortly thereafter. Despite not having a formal degree, I have always been interested in technology and taught myself how to code websites at age 10. As an enneagram 7, agency work like VMLY&R is perfect for my pursuit of constant variety and change and I'm excited to continue to have the opportunity to learn new things while providing outstanding value at my job. In my free time, I enjoy coming up with endless nicknames for my dog, playing way too much No Man's Sky, hobby hopping, refactoring and building my Notion set up, and perpetually watching the Office.

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